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Frequently Asked Questions

For OpencelliD users, developers and contributors

What is OpenCelliD?

OpenCelliD aims to document all Cell Towers and WiFi APs around the world along with their locations. This database of Cell Towers is built by the community and is free available for download or use via an API.

What is Unwired Labs?

Unwired Labs is the maintainer of OpenCelliD. Our primary product is LocationAPI, a Geolocation service for Commercial use backed by a large proprietary data set of 85 Mil+ Cell towers & 1.5 Bil+ WiFi AP's worldwide. Our goal is to make geolocation more accessible, reliable and affordable.

Where can I download the database of Cell Towers?

You'll have login to your account here to download. Oh, and create an account first!

What's your privacy policy like?

The data you contribute to OpenCelliD is yours, the data contributed by the community will be available to download.

How can I help?

If you are a developer, you can help the community by building simple apps that will expand OpenCelliD datasets.
If you are an user, you can install our android app, contribute and compete.
If you can't contribute data, help us improve; give us feedback, spread the word and help others benefit out of this.